Tiny Spark is a team of sales activation experts.

Our objective is to work with businesses on strategies that generate relevant leads and convert them into new customers.

Through getting to know our clients and their offerings we are in an ideal position to support their positioning, development and growth.

Why Tiny Spark?

Every company needs to generate more qualified, sales-ready leads, and convert them successfully if they’re to grow.

At Tiny Spark, we understand that the role of the sales person has had to change in order to deliver these opportunities. Rather than bash your prospects with a heavy sales stick, we’d rather connect your business to the customers who will benefit from what you have to offer intelligently, managing your reputation in the best possible way.

That makes us sound a bit like a dating site. Perhaps you could say that we’re the little computer working away inside Tinder to make sure that everyone swipes right. We make sure we know who you are, what you look like and who you long for, as well as who is longing for you (isn’t everyone?) and then we help ensure you’re equipped to appeal to those people.

As well as that little computer, we’re also the friend that encourages you to go on the date, sprinkles you with your favourite scent as you’re leaving the house and is sat at the bar -confident that you won’t need to tug your ear three times during dinner - ready to whisk you away if you make “the signal”.

We’re also a bit like your own personal consigliere; understanding your particular needs and the quirks of your industry. The type of guys you can take to meetings safe in the knowledge that we’ve got your back.

Each of these journeys start with us learning about your people, businesses and the unique needs of your customers. Keen and interested, we look to establish long-lasting and trustworthy partnerships – not just with you but with your prospects - by understanding the needs of your prospects’ prospects.

So our service involves connecting your sales & marketing activity by helping those prospects move seamlessly along your customer journey using a mix of disciplines, sector insight and data intelligence to inform our approach at every stage.

We constantly review, learn, amend and optimise your sales programme – collaborating with and reporting back to you often - keeping you in front and winning.

By doing so we efficiently deliver accelerated sales journeys and business growth, not meaningless dates that don’t even get you to first base.

Closing the gaps.

Every day you’re losing opportunities in the gaps between sales and marketing. We close them by:



In order to sell services or products in the digital age businesses need to go deep and they need to go long. That means developing a fuller understanding of target customers, tracking how they behave online and committing to developing a relationship with them over time. Most people don’t have this discipline– we do.

We make sure our clients ALWAYS have a continuing lead generation system at the heart of their new business strategy.



We implement marketing programmes that make businesses easier to find and to buy. Our structured outbound sales process makes sure no lead slips through the net. We also work alongside businesses to develop online content that will make their website wholly pertinent and will create and share opinion to help establish a relevant voice across all platforms.

We’ll often work from client’s offices as part of their team to ensure targets are delivered and partnerships built.



Businesses don’t always need someone to run lead generation and sales campaigns for them, they just need an ally to help get them ready for market. We can work in a consultancy capacity to review and interrogate credentials and outward-facing marketing material to then be able to recommend any necessary changes.

Our partners are then free to implement these strategies or are always welcome to return to us to for further assistance.



The key to success is knowing what works for different organisations and implementing the correct channels and methods in a structured way. It means understanding prospects’ business and their priorities, so we can tailor conversations to their needs rather than telling them how great our clients are.

And it also means understanding and deploying an ever-growing list of digital tools to gather insight, drive efficiency, analyse and measure the entire sales and marketing process.

Our products.


Perfect for start-ups and small businesses needing to establish a prospect pipeline quickly.

Generating, identifying and capturing leads through:

  • Proposition creation / development
  • SEO
  • Keyword tracking and density analysis
  • Social listening
  • Social media creation
  • Blog and content creation
  • Insight and data
  • Qualified lead sharing

Need a sales and marketing strategy that delivers all of the elements of Generator but also includes a fully structured, ongoing sales activation programme?

We’ll accelerate the conversion of leads by:

  • Running a bespoke sales and marketing strategy
  • Pitching to qualified leads
  • Converting hot leads
  • Nurturing warm leads
  • Attending conferences and events
  • Attending meetings as part of the sales team

How we work.

Here are some ways in which we work for our clients:

Exhibitions and trade shows.

Representing our clients at international exhibitions and conferences, and running their presence at trade shows in the UK & Europe.

Outbound sales campaigns.

Using a mix of sector insight and business intelligence, approaching and engaging in the most appropriate ways - telephone and email - to effectively manage your reputation in front of them.

LinkedIn prospecting.

Best-practise LinkedIn company and individual profile management, including highly effective outreach on behalf of our clients.


Creating content that establishes and amplifies a voice on social media. Creating and maintaining social advertising campaigns for clients. Socia listening to own the conversation around clients’ propositions.


Helping clients interrogate their position of expertise and move towards new propositions, backed up with revised credentials, new messaging and targeting.

On-the-ground sales activation.

Mobilising a ‘street team’ of salespeople to launch consumer lifestyle brands.

Why do we do all of these things?

Because we know that just approaching cold prospects doesn’t work anymore - not over the phone, email, LinkedIn, or any other way. We are more creative about how we uncover leads and convert them on behalf of our clients.

Our clients.

We have experience working across most business verticals from the fast-paced tech sector (starts-ups and more established businesses) to the creative industry and everything in between:

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